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Highlands Ranch Area Invisalign ® Braces: Straight Teeth the Easy Way

Is there really an alternative to metal dental braces? Yes, and it's called Invisalign ®.

Highlands Ranch area orthodontics dentist Dr. Juliann Lyons will be happy to discuss how these nearly invisible braces will transform your life - and your mouth - in just a short time.

These new clear braces are a proven dentistry system that doesn't draw attention to the fact that you're straightening your teeth. And it's so easy. At Juliann Lyons, D.D.S we will fit you for a series of appliances, each taking only a couple of weeks to work their magic on your teeth. The best part is that it's completely removable for those times when you want a flawless smile.

Just fill out the form here on our website, or call us today at (303) 756-6862. Our friendly staff will be happy to schedule an initial consultation at a time that's best for you. In addition, we'll be happy to offer you several convenient payment options that may be available to help cover Invisalign cost.

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Zoom!® teeth whitening for a bright smile

Juliann Lyons, D.D.S. is proud to be a trusted Highlands Ranch area Zoom!® teeth whitening dentist. Our patients love the short amount of time the tooth whitening treatment takes as much as they love the results.

You'll be able to relax in our comfortable surroundings. In just about an hour, you'll have a sparkling white smile!

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Preferred Provider 2014!

You want a straight, healthy, beautiful smile for you and your child, but the hassle of traditional metal braces is not for you. Then you need to see Denver Invisalign Preferred Provider, Dr. Juliann Lyons! She will be happy to discuss how this nearly invisible system will transform your life and your mouth in just a short time.

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Dr. Juliann Lyons is proud to be in the 2012 - 2015 5280 Magazine as a Top Dentist in the Denver Metro area!

Invisalign Invisible Braces

Invisalign is the invisible way to straighten your teeth without braces. Treatment takes about the same length of time as traditional braces and is far more comfortable.

Call us today to see if Invisilign is right for you.

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Preferred Provider to 2012!!

You want a straight, healthy, beautiful smile for you and your child, but the hassle of traditional metal braces is not for you. Then you need to see Denver Invisalign Preferred Provider, Dr. Juliann Lyons! She will be happy to discuss how this nearly invisible system will transform your life and your mouth in just a short time.

BriteSmile Tooth Whitening

Hundreds of thousands of people have already experienced BriteSmile, and know the joy of looking into the mirror and seeing a whiter, healthier looking smile.

Right now, you can too!.Just call us today to schedule a consultation.

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Adult Orthodontics

Adults deserve a terrific straight smile, too. Straight teeth are not just for kids anymore.

Call us today to learn all about the wide range of affordable options for adult orthodontics available at our office.

Map & Hours

Here at our practice we offer convenient office hours to fit your busy schedule. And our office is easy to fine. Check here for detailed office hours and a map and directions.

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Free Smile Analysis

If you want to find out how you can get the gorgeous, sparkling smile of your dreams, call our office today to schedule a free smile analysis. You've got nothing to lose and so much to gain.

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Dental Insurance

At Dr. Lyons office we are committed to helping you get the most from your dental insurance coverage. We accept many of the top dental plans and we are always happy to work with you to get you and your family the dental care you deserve.

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Do You Want to Zoom!?

The Zoom! In-Office Whitening System is a revolutionary tooth whitening dentistry procedure, it's safe, effective and fast, very fast. In just over an hour, your teeth will be dramatically whiter.

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Migraines? Chronic Headaches? We can help!

At Juliann Lyons, D.D.S we offer the NTI-tss Plus, a proven treatement for patients with migraines or chronic headache. Call us today and find out if this small dental appliance, worn at night, is right for you.

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Ask Us About Anxiety-Free Dentistry

If fear of visiting the dentist is keeping you from getting the dental care you need, call us today at (303) 756-6862.

We understand how you feel and can explain how anxiety-free dentistry can help ease your fears.

Invisalign: Specially Designed for Teenagers

No one will even know you're wearing braces. Now these clear, removable aligners are available for teens as an alternative to unsightly traditional metal braces.

Contact our office at (303) 756-6862 for all the details.

Gingivitis and Gum Disease Care

Did you know that gum disease is the biggest cause of tooth loss in adults? If you have swollen or bleeding gums, call us at (303) 756-6862 today to schedule an appointment. We can help you get back on track to a healthy smile.

If you're looking for a highly-trained Invisalign® dentist in County you've come to the right place. Dr. Lyons offers Invisalign® dentistry that County residents depend on for the highest quality dental care.

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Soft Drinks Can Be Hard on Teeth!

From a dental point of view, there's nothing soft about so-called soft drinks. Sugar does not directly damage teeth. That happens when certain bacteria in the mouth release acids that eat into tooth enamel. These bacteria, however, need food to survive and refined sugar is a very potent source. What you eat, they eat. If not eliminated promptly, they hang around to do their dirty work.

The real culprit in carbonated soft drinks, however, is the fizz itself: carbonic acid. A sugary, un-carbonated drink like Kool-Aid is actually easier on teeth than, say, Diet Pepsi. So watch your consumption of soft drinks and be sure to contact Juliann Lyons, D.D.S at (303) 756-6862 to schedule a dental checkup.

Dental Decay & Sealants

Dr. Lyons will tell you that regular brushing and flossing lowers the chance of your children developing cavities. However, sometimes good habits alone aren't enough. The most decay-prone areas of teeth are the grooves and depressions on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. These vulnerable areas require further preventive care. To protect kids' teeth from decay, a plastic-like coating called a sealant should be painted on the chewing surfaces of all the back teeth.

It's a simple process that's extremely effective: studies have shown that sealants can reduce tooth decay by as much as 90% to 100%. Please call Juliann Lyons, D.D.S at (303) 756-6862 with any questions you may have about the benefits of using a sealant in preventing dental decay.

Dental Disease Is Preventable

Developing healthy lifelong dental habits is the best way to prevent nearly every type of dental disease. Dr. Lyons recommends that you brush your teeth twice a day with a good toothpaste, floss between your teeth every day, eat a balanced diet and limit your between-meal snacks.

Be sure to schedule regular dental care by calling Juliann Lyons, D.D.S at (303) 756-6862. By making smart food choices and following a healthy dental routine, you can dramatically lower your risk of developing tooth decay.

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